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Stop, Play, Record and Like

The above comes from the websites background and logo. Stop, slow down from the daily grind. Play, with a game/app or simply play with code. Record, take it all in and finally Like, love what you do. Hut41 is a app and game developer label which aims to publish products that user can enjoy and other developers/hobbyists can benefit from, either via the end product or the journey. Over the last year 2 Windows 8 and 10 apps have been successfully launched. It is my hope to publish my first game to the Windows app store in the coming months.

Following on from that a second game to be launched by Christmas 2016. In between it is my intention to extend the range of apps on Windows, Android, Mac OSX and iOS.

Along the way I will be sharing my experience good and bad, and hopefully providing helpful resources. Through yourdevtools.com on Web, Flipboard and Windows 10 I am already providing much of this.

Enjoy and check back for weekly content.

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