Unity or Unreal


When starting out game development one of the first questions that will come to mind is what tools do I use. I tried a few Construct 2, GameSalad and Corona. The first 2 are WYSIWYG editors. You can get a workable game up and running in an hour or two. This is very gratifying and both GameSalad and Construct 2 are fine tools. However it became frustrating when a relatively simple problem for code to fix might mean a more complex workaround in the editor. That in turn stunted my creativity a bit.

Corona using the Lua language seemed a logical step. It’s a fine tool and worked well with Sublime Text 2. However I missed being able to pull assets around a GUI I would have to run test thee app with Corona then tweak.

Which brought me to the next level Unity or Unreal. The flexible Unity IDE plus Visual Studio integration really suited me, it also gave me a chance to brush up on C Sharp which I’ve since excelled in. But that’s me truth is all of the above plus Unreal engine are free to try. As I want to make 2D games there wasn’t much point in Unreal for me, for a great Unity vs Unreal breakdown see the below video from Droid Sector

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