Ebraxia is now on Windows 10

Ebraxia in Store New and Rising
King Games and Hut41 side by side, I’d settle for just 1% of their earnings 😉


Ebraxia is on Windows 10

Ebraxia is now on Windows 10 thanks to everyone who played the game on Itch  and left feedback. I might release on the Mac Appstore if all goes well but have some really exciting projects in the pipeline.

I’ll be making my first steps into 3D games particularly around game cinematics, exciting stuff can’t wait.

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Ebraxia now on Itch

Ebraxia, it’s a game

Despite the title of this post it is not about a new cream for dry skin. Ebraxia is my new game now available on Itch.io.

One of my favorite games for a time was Super Breakout. So when deciding to make my first game I wanted to make my own version of this classic. Bricks are stationary, unbreakable, move along the X-axis, and Y-Axis. Those bricks that move along the Y-Axis need to be destroyed before they leave the screen otherwise you lose all remaining lives. Continue reading “Ebraxia now on Itch”

Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.3



Finally Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.3 is available…..yay!!! Last week Microsoft announced VSTU 2.3, long overdue in some peoples eyes (yes mine included).

Why upgrade VSTU 2.3

I have a certain odd relationship with technology, I’m both excited and scared of updates. But then again I’m not alone in that feeling but there are several good reasons to update to VSTU 2.3.

  • VSTU no longer conflicts with the Xamarin tools, preventing you from debug your Unity game.
  • You can now use the text, XML, HTML and JSON string visualizers when debugging.
  • Support for function breakpoints in Visual Studio 2015 is now included.
  • All of Unity’s MonoBehaviours are now available from our wizards.
  • Multiple issues in the expression evaluation of the debugger have been resolved.

For upgrade instructions go to The Visual Studio Blog.

Unity or Unreal


When starting out game development one of the first questions that will come to mind is what tools do I use. I tried a few Construct 2, GameSalad and Corona. The first 2 are WYSIWYG editors. You can get a workable game up and running in an hour or two. This is very gratifying and both GameSalad and Construct 2 are fine tools. However it became frustrating when a relatively simple problem for code to fix might mean a more complex workaround in the editor. That in turn stunted my creativity a bit. Continue reading “Unity or Unreal”