JAMuary: Tough Week but not all bad

Tough Week

Well this week was tough and am a bit behind in my Jamuary game jam now but nothing I can’t pull around. Work is busy at the moment but have resolved to bring my laptop in everyday and will see if that helps. Also there will be less overtime.

More Magicavoxel

Designed some traffic obstacles for my Jamuary game, this being a cart pulled by a Hellhound

Have been getting more comfortable with Magicavoxel, i know Continue reading “JAMuary: Tough Week but not all bad”

5 tips for indie game success, from indie game developers

Posted by Sarah Thomson, BD Partnerships Lead, Indies, Google Play
Mobile gaming is a fun place to be right now. It’s a landscape seeing tremendous
success year after year with great potential for additional growth and
innovation. It’s also a space where developers can express themselves with
creative game styles, mechanics, design and more. This is what the indie
community does best.Here are 5 tips for indies by indies Continue reading “5 tips for indie game success, from indie game developers”

Ebraxia is now on Windows 10

Ebraxia in Store New and Rising
King Games and Hut41 side by side, I’d settle for just 1% of their earnings 😉


Ebraxia is on Windows 10

Ebraxia is now on Windows 10 thanks to everyone who played the game on Itch  and left feedback. I might release on the Mac Appstore if all goes well but have some really exciting projects in the pipeline.

I’ll be making my first steps into 3D games particularly around game cinematics, exciting stuff can’t wait.

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Unity or Unreal


When starting out game development one of the first questions that will come to mind is what tools do I use. I tried a few Construct 2, GameSalad and Corona. The first 2 are WYSIWYG editors. You can get a workable game up and running in an hour or two. This is very gratifying and both GameSalad and Construct 2 are fine tools. However it became frustrating when a relatively simple problem for code to fix might mean a more complex workaround in the editor. That in turn stunted my creativity a bit. Continue reading “Unity or Unreal”