LinkedIn Uses Android Studio

Posted by Christopher Katsaros, Developer Marketing, Android

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network
for professionals. LinkedIn has 10
apps on Google Play
, including the flagship LinkedIn
, which provides all of the same features users find on the web, so users
can do things like browse and send messages to their professional network with
an improved user experience.For LinkedIn, and other teams with a large number of developers adding code to a
project, making sure that everyone pays attention to areas that affect
performance is vital for the quality of their app. That’s why the the LinkedIn
mobile team uses Android Studio to
build high quality Android apps.

Watch Pradeepta Dash, Engineering Manager for Infrastructure at LinkedIn, as
well as Drew Hannay, Tech Lead for the Android Infrastructure team, talk about
how Android Studio helps everyone on their team stay focused on these topics
while getting new engineers quickly up and running:

The top Android developers use Android Studio to build powerful, successful apps
for Google Play; you can learn more about the official IDE for Android app
development, and get
started for yourself

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