JAMuary: Tough Week but not all bad

Tough Week

Well this week was tough and am a bit behind in my Jamuary game jam now but nothing I can’t pull around. Work is busy at the moment but have resolved to bring my laptop in everyday and will see if that helps. Also there will be less overtime.

More Magicavoxel

Designed some traffic obstacles for my Jamuary game, this being a cart pulled by a Hellhound

Have been getting more comfortable with Magicavoxel, i know that these models are great but they’ll fit with the style of the game. Also a low voxel count will make adding to the detail easier should I want to create a more detailed version of the game. Plus it’s a game jam…let’s just have fun eh 😉

Animation Started

Also I’ve inserted my player into the 3D space in Unity and have started animations which shouldn’t take too long. The little goat will hop along, as will the chasing zombies, vehicles on the road will rattle a bit to give the sense of friction and movement.

Work has started on the animation for my Jamuary game jam

I should have all the animation done by the end of this coming week, it will be tight for the Feb 1st Jamuary deadline but I’m due a day or 2 off work.

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