JAMuary: Parsnips belong in hell

Final hours

So I’ve successfully managed to get my zombies to follow the player around and react logically to their environment. Currently I’m working on the landscape and vehicle spawning which is kind of the whole game so fingers crossed I get in working by the deadline tomorrow.

Devil Car
Still haven’t done an actual proper tutorial but there are some great resources Github to get you started

Probably could’ve done without spending 2hours on Magicavoxel yesterday but couldn’t help but add more content 🙂The game will be called “The Hellfreeze Club” and all going well will be on Itch.io this coming Thursday. You will play a goat stuck in a frozen over hell, doomed to fail but still trying to get as far as possible.

Parsnips belong in hell

I’ve, always hated parsnips, maybe it’s because I was given what I thought were chips (fries for my American friends) as a child that turned out to be made from not potato but parsnips. Anyway put a piece of yourself in your art they say so I give you..

Parsnip Taco Truck
Parsnip Taco Truck does defintely belong in a frozen over hell

Find some great MagicaVoxel resources here.

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