JAMuary: Magicavoxel so accessible

Magicavoxel Starting

Player (Goat), power-up (parsnip) and of course a zombie

So the last few days has been busy, but after getting Magicavoxel working on my Mac I managed to play around and make some assets for the game jam.

The fixes

Two issues;

  • After installing don’t open from the Launchpad, ctrl+click and then click open from the dropdown
  • You may get a blank screen, so take the application file out of the root folder and move it back in


I was in an area without WiFi or 3/4G so couldn’t access any help videos, however I was still able to create the above assets for my game with ease. Are they super advanced? No, but they do fit the design of the game and they are original. Also with more time Magicavoxel is capable of much more complex structures.

Back to the Jam

Next week I’ll be creating in-game UI, some music and I’ll be starting the scripting.

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