JAMuary: Coding a lot

Been sometime since I gave an update largely because visually at least there hasn’t been a lot of progress, most people find pics like the below boring.

Mmmm lovely C#

But the truth is all my main model behaviours are now in place, animations (which I’m not good at) simple as they look are all done. Now all that is left is to put it in an environment by February 1st.

Don’t worry the end will be a lot richer

More jam please

I may not get all the features I wanted in for this jam, but I’ve begun to think or this as an alpha version, with another week or two I could make it a real full rich experience. That’s also balanced against the realisation that game jams are awesome, having a deadline and making a commitment to yourself and others really gives a push to finish projects and also you put yourself out there in the indie game community that bit more.

There will be a lot more post over these next few days as the game comes together.

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