The HellFreeze Club: My Goat is poohing parsnips

My Goat is poohing parsnips

Since the Jamuary ended I’ve been looking over what was learned and identifying problems with my game. Chief among those was the rather embarrassing issue of my main character poohing a parsnip on the game start…sideways too!!! At this point the decision to finish out the game is also looked at, I have a number of other ideas which are now more possible due to what I’ve learned from this game. I decided to take a 3 stage approach, firstly I’ll fix the bugs with the current game, add basic audio, then look at the extra features I wanted to put in such as fire belches. Finally I’d look at what else I could do with the game and where I could launch it.


  • My Zombie horde were not moving towards the player
  • The aforementioned parsnip poop
  • All the parsnips were spawning beside the player meaning a max score from the start
  • Shadow over centre of play space
  • Spawn area could be reached by player
  • Trains and horse carriage only went left
  • No audio
  • Lava stream didn’t always kill player


  • Goat belching fire
  • Parsnip power up to make the above possible
  • More audio
  • More models
  • Replace square blocks with trees and skull shaped rocks
  • Different sized lava slates
  • Improve lighting more atmospheric

Next up

I need to fix some build issues so the game can be played online. But having fixed the above bugs I will definitely finish the WIP items and see what other ideas I have.

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