Electron 1.0 is here

For two years, the open source platform Electron has made it possible for developers to build cross-platform desktop apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; for Windows, Mac and Linux. Now a major release of Electron 1.0 is now available from electron.atom.io.

See below introduction video

Electron growth

It’s too easy to dismiss this as PhoneGap for desktop. There has been 1.2 million downloads in the last year and a growing community of hundreds of developers, open source maintainers, and companies who use the framework as the foundation of their apps. An ever growing range of apps are being built to see what’s possible Take a tour of apps already created.

Electron downloads

If you have solid Web Dev skills and are interested in developing Desktop apps give Electron 1.0 a go, I know I will.Get started with this quick start guide.


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