Ebraxia now on Itch

Ebraxia, it’s a game

Despite the title of this post it is not about a new cream for dry skin. Ebraxia is my new game now available on Itch.io.

One of my favorite games for a time was Super Breakout. So when deciding to make my first game I wanted to make my own version of this classic. Bricks are stationary, unbreakable, move along the X-axis, and Y-Axis. Those bricks that move along the Y-Axis need to be destroyed before they leave the screen otherwise you lose all remaining lives.

The game also takes inspiration from early 20th century architecture (Aalto, Mies Van Der Rowe etc), Sci-Fi and video games from the 80’s and 90’s. I wanted to strip this designs down to their bare bones and show how they influenced each other.

Starting with 25 levels I intend to add more and release on other platforms such as Windows and Apple AppStore.


What’s next

As I’ve taken my time with this game much of the code is very extendable and work is already underway on 3 other games. So watch this space 🙂

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