Diversity for everyone

Diversity for Everyone

Earlier this week Google were successful in their application to the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee to add 11 new professional emoji, in both male and female options and with all the skin tones. That’s well over 100 new emoji to choose from. Most people will say “fair play” Google, but we need to follow the lead of Google and indeed Apply when designing sites, apps and games. Diversity for everyone.



For example next time you are designing a websites or an app that requires an images for a traditionally male dominated profession say plumbing look for a female plumber picture in the image library you are searching.

Game designers why not have more female characters in your games, the bad guys henchmen can be women.


Diversity for everyone with caution

Couple of things to be aware of before you run off on a diversity crusade.

  • It has to have context, for example no point of having a picture of a female plumber in your site and/or app if your client is a sole trader plumber and a man.
  • Be respectful to all, for example if making a platformer don’t make all the henchmen women in your game for the sake of it, this could send the wrong message no matter how good your intentions.

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