LinkedIn Uses Android Studio

Posted by Christopher Katsaros, Developer Marketing, Android

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network
for professionals. LinkedIn has 10
apps on Google Play
, including the flagship LinkedIn
, which provides all of the same features users find on the web, so users
can do things like browse and send messages to their professional network with
an improved user experience.For LinkedIn, and other teams with a large number of developers adding code to a
project, making sure that everyone pays attention to areas that affect
performance is vital for the quality of their app. That’s why the the LinkedIn
mobile team uses Android Studio to
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GitHub Enterprise 2.7 is now available with enhanced security and more powerful APIs

A new release of GitHub Enterprise is now available with improvements for developers and administrators alike. With GitHub Enterprise 2.7, we’re introducing GPG signature verification — a new way for teams to protect their projects and definitively know who authored a commit. The release also includes several API previews to help you create integrations that enforce customized policies and fit your workflows.

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Diversity for everyone

Diversity for Everyone

Earlier this week Google were successful in their application to the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee to add 11 new professional emoji, in both male and female options and with all the skin tones. That’s well over 100 new emoji to choose from. Most people will say “fair play” Google, but we need to follow the lead of Google and indeed Apply when designing sites, apps and games. Diversity for everyone. Continue reading “Diversity for everyone”

HTTPS for GitHub Pages

Millions of people rely on GitHub Pages to host their websites and millions more visit these websites every day. To better protect traffic to GitHub Pages sites, as well as to encourage the broader adoption of HTTPS across the internet, GitHub Pages now officially1 supports HTTPS for all <username> sites. HTTPS provides a layer of encryption that prevents others from snooping on or tampering with traffic to your Pages site. Continue reading “HTTPS for GitHub Pages”

Introducing unlimited private repositories

unlimited private repositories

Exciting news. GitHub has and will always be free for public and open source projects, but as of last week there are just two ways to pay for

  • Personal: $7/month (Approx 6EUR)
  • Organization: $9/user/month, $25/month for your first five users (Approx. 8EUR and 23EUR)

*all currency conversion correct at May 2016

Till now the ability to create a new repository without asking permission or getting approval, only applied to public or open source projects.  All that changes now.

If you’re new to GitHub, you can sign up to start using unlimited private repositories. If you’re already using, read on to learn how these changes will impact you.

Individual developers

If you’re using GitHub for private projects, now there’s just one paid plan—unlimited private repositories for $7/month. No matter what you were paying before, your plan now includes as many repositories as you need to work on projects in private—you can even invite a few collaborators.

By now, most paid accounts will have moved, from Micro to Large, to the new plan. If you’re currently paying for one of those larger plans, look out for a prorated credit on your account.


If you’re currently paying for one of our organization plans, you’ll have the option to upgrade to unlimited private repositories at any time. For many of you, this change will mean immediate freedom from repository limits and a better way to grow and pay for GitHub.

Obviously Github want everyone to get unlimited repos and have a simpler billing structure. They have advised that organisation on old plans will jave at least 12 months notice before any mandated change to their plan takes place.


Unlimited is always better and I’m really excited by this news. I know some people will be sceptical of the term unlimited given how many broadband and mobile providers misuse this term. However I haven’t seen anything in terms and conditions.

To decide what’s best for you take a look at new plans, learn how to update your personal or organization plan.