3 Web Dev articles worth a read this week

See below five articles I read this week that I think any web dev will find useful.

Optimizing Google PageSpeed to 100 in WordPress


WordPress is great don’t get me wrong but it’s not the fastest. This article from Envato takes you through how the author achieved the perfect score. Be warned though this is no quick fix the author took 12 hours!!

I’ve give it a go myself and post results here for see the full article at Tutplus


Top JavaScript Libraries for May 2016


CodeGeekz is always a good source for JavaScript libraries. Some people complain there are too many but I disagree. In this article Algebrite and Video-Resize.js seem particularly interesting. Check out your favourite here.

CSS from the Future


Zeke Sikelianos posts a really good article here on CSS Custom Properties. This will make an interesting read for anyone who wants to update their CSS or who hasn’t start using pre-processors such as SASS. Read more here.

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